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£50,000 awarded for 5 Cultural Engagement projects

Five projects at the University of Leeds have received combined funding of £50,000 under the AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund. The fund, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the AHRC, will support the engagement of arts and humanities research with the university’s wider cultural and civic context.

By offering broader development opportunities, the fund will support early career researchers in the arts and humanities to develop skills in public engagement and impact research.

Each of the five researchers will be working with partners in the cultural and creative sector, or other public or third sector cultural or civic organisations, to deliver the projects.

The Weather Café, Dr David Shearing

In conjunction with funding from Leeds City Council and Arts Council England, the project will create a public performance space called ‘The Weather Café’, enabling performances created by and run for marginalised community groups in Leeds including the homeless, adults with mental health issues and the elderly.

A Declaration of Global Responsibilities for Engineers, Dr Helen Morley

Working in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders, this project will create a Declaration of Global Responsibilities, aiming to start a debate about ethical principles within the engineering industry and mobilising support for stricter and more effective self-regulation, particularly in relation to global challenges such as climate change.

Performing Attachment, Dr Claire Hope

Working closely with Pavilion (visual arts commissioning organisation based in Leeds), this project will create a series of public performance events exploring the nature of attachment and engaging audiences in debates about its representation in contemporary culture.

Medieval Kirkstall for its Modern Community, Richard Thomason

Working with Leeds Museums and Galleries and Leeds community groups, the project will contribute to the redevelopment of exhibition space in Kirkstall Abbey visitors’ centre, and co-create new online resources bringing deeper appreciation of Leeds’s heritage to a wider audience.

Understanding the role of faith groups in Public Health, Dr Caroline Starkey

The project will work with the Leeds Faith and Public Health Network to explore the contribution of faith groups to public health amongst black and minority ethnic groups in Leeds. This project will directly impact and shape the work undertaken by front-line service providers in public health in Leeds.


Projects will run between February and April 2016.





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