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Making partnerships for impact and innovation

Leeds Creative Labs is an innovative programme, developed and established in 2012 by CCI Exchange, which aims to spark collaborations between academics and creative innovators.

By pairing creative professionals with researchers from the university in co-productive relationships, the initiative provides funding, inspiration and opportunity for artists and researchers to explore, innovate and take risks.

The Labs provide a space to find new ways of working together and demonstrating the relevance of the Arts to developing impactful research.

“The Labs give us permission to remove the shackles of objectives and targets, to breathe and think freely.” Lesley Patrick, Director of DARE

Leeds Creative Labs is part of a longer-term programme of engagement and collaboration between the University of Leeds and the creative and cultural industries, aiming to:

  • Spark collaborations between academics and creative innovators to find new and inventive ways to showcase academic research and achieve broad public impact.
  • Increase our understanding of how the arts and technology might inform and support research relevant to contemporary society.
  • Create new works, new ideas and new methodologies through collaboration and creative prototypes.

For more information and case studies of projects funded by the programme, please visit the LeedsCreativeLabs website.

Leeds Creative Labs – DARE Edition 2016 has now closed for applications, but check back soon for further information about projects to be funded.

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What people have said about working with us

Bloom Agency

“From an industry perspective it was extremely useful to be able to interact closely with academics in a partnership … We were given the opportunity to broaden our approach which has opened our minds to the potential versatility of our existing work processes.”